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  • I cook food, bake bread, and brew tea for my beloved children. Washing and cutting seasonally sweet fruits, along with fresh green vegetables, and pouring rich, flavorful milk into a cup. Every time, I comfort myself, "This is enough." It reassures me, instilling happiness into the depths of my anxious self.
      돌고 돌아 다시 희고 깨끗한 것들에 대한 마음으로 돌아오는 시간은 얼마 걸리지 않았다. 
      색이 있고 패턴이 짙은 것들 예쁜 무늬들이 가득한 것들도 결국 하얗고 깨끗한 흰색과 함께 있을때 비로소 빛이 나고 예뻐보였다.
      Returning with a heart filled with bright and pristine feelings didn't take much time after going around and around.
      Things adorned with vibrant colors and intricate patterns, brimming with beautiful designs ultimately, only truly glowed and looked captivating when they were accompanied by pure, pristine white.
      Mon-Fri 11am-4pm / Sat Sun Holiday OFF